August Blues Reviews

First and foremost I absolutely love the self reflection and growth we see the main characters go through!! It’s also a great reminder that the words we speak (or write) have consequences- for good or for bad! It’s so important to remember that in this digital age when it’s often forgotten! There is someone on the other end of the screen. Their feelings are as valid and important as your own.

This story was beautiful. It was a great and clean read for anyone YA- 115!

Kristi Goodreads review

This had the sweet, feel-good moments that come with romance novels, with both characters overcoming their own personal issues to find their happy ending. It also provided a little insight into being an author, and how some may handle negative reviews.

Another delightful romance novel from Amey Ziegler[sic]!

K. Huskić, Goodreads review

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