The Swiss Mishap Reviews

"...this is one charming, heartwarming, and funny book well worth your time. A young American woman goes to Switzerland for an internship that doesn't quite turn out as she expected. What happens is unexpected and sometimes thrilling. There is understated romance, corporate espionage, and the hysterical situations that arise as Lainey learns to navigate life in another country, culture, and language. This book is compelling enough to distract you from your troubles and enjoyable enough to put a big smile on your face while you read it. Well worth your time and money."

Diane Badzinski, copyeditor

"The Swiss Mishap is a sweet and satisfying romance that will capture your heart. Lainey and Yves's story left me with the desire to hop on a plane to Switzerland, eat pounds of chocolate, and fall in love!"

Laurie Winter, Award-winning author of Winner Takes All

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