Summer of Sundaes Reviews

Loved this “sweet” romance! I would recommend this to anyone who appreciates clean romance, has a passion for ice cream, adores Alaska or enjoys boating. Simple and sweet, fun little read. Loved it!

Amazon 5-star review

Cute book, not too deep. Great fun to read on a long weekend. Interesting characters. The ice cream flavors sounded delicious.

Amazon 5-star review

I loved reading Amey Zeigler’s debut novel, The Swiss Mishap, last year. So I was really excited to see that she had another book for me to read. I devoured this one, pun intended. It was a perfect escape to Alaska!

I LOVED the main character Bailey. She works hard in her family’s ice cream shop in Seward, Alaska. She’s supporting herself and her grandma. Their relationship in this book was sweet. Bailey is the kind of person who will do almost anything for friends and family. She faced her biggest fear in this book for some of them. I loved that about her.

Then there’s Brahms. To be honest, I spent most of the book annoyed at him for trying to take Bailey’s shop. And I cheered when she fought back. But at the end of the book, he really is a decent guy. And I loved how he stuck his neck on the line when he needed to most.

This book is a quick read, I didn’t want to put it down!

Amazon 5-star review

Sometimes one kiss is more than just one kiss. Like the perfect topping on a glorious sundae, the perfect kiss could be life changing. For Bailey, the kiss was a flavor she could never shake. For Brahms, life-changing the kiss was the flavor of a lifetime.

This story shows clearly that the wind from one door closing does open another. There is something else on the menu. Despite obstacles both real and imagined, love will win out. The author manages to provide a clear picture of the familiar issues - regret, fear, family responsibility and family honor.

From start to finish the reader just knows that kiss was more than a moment under the Golden Gate. This book takes you to the edge and adds cherries and whip cream on top to finish it off beautifully.

If you are a fan of the wonderful One Scoop or Two series, you must buy this book. If you love a good modern romance, then buy this book.

Amazon 5-star review

I love short novels! I knocked this out in just over 90 minutes (cumulatively because I have a bunch of kids and it was the weekend). Bailey and Brahms have a kind of "anti-meet cute" when he shows up at her family's ice cream parlor in Alaska in order to take over the store space for his family's boat tour business! The flip for the meet cute is that these two had a wonderful afternoon together a few years previous when they were in college and had fallen pretty hard. Now he is here to put her out of business but isn't so sure he can do that to this woman he has feelings for.

I adore Bailey's work ethic and strong family connection. She's smart and snappy just hasn't had the best luck the last few years. Brahm's has that "Second Child" thing going on (you know- he's the Spare Child). But life has a way of throwing a curve ball at you and he's still trying to figure out being in the corporate world.

Reading about a small fishing town in Alaska was such an insight for a different world. Small town life is very similar everywhere but the different settings make such a difference! I love little Mom & Pop shops! Especially when food is involved. Take some time, visit Alaska, and maybe grab some ice cream while you curl up with this book.

Amazon 5-star review

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