Wylder Bride Reviews

I liked this book because it has a strong heroine that doesn’t want to conform to society’s rules of a proper Boston upper-class young lady, and she doesn’t want to marry just anyone her mother thinks is a “good match”. She wants someone who will challenge her and also converse with her about a variety of subjects. The book also has a good message about looking beneath appearances to the heart and soul of a person to find out their true character.

Amazon 5-star review

Adventure, believable story line, a romance or two, interesting twists it is all there. Very enjoyable read!

Amazon 5-star review

The plot is gripping and filled with action and adventure. I love the setting in the American West and how it is woven throughout the book. The characters are fantastic, I like the strength of Maisie and her drive for adventure and a connection with someone real and with depth. Cyrus is a great hero, he’s much more than his appearance with the heart and soul of a poet underneath everything. This was a quick read but also a feel good read that was a wonderful escape. It is definitely worth reading.

Amazon, UK 5-star review

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