Coco and Deb Poverly are doing fine. Just don’t ask about the money, the bills, or the new shop threatening Deb’s bakery. Coco will do anything to help her great-aunt, even trade places with a wedding guest for extra cash. Dressed as an heiress, Coco falls for the charm and good looks of none other than Preston Laurent, Sugar Creek’s most eligible bachelor. But he’s a Laurent. No matter how hot he looks in a tux, they can't be together.

Deb's never married and never forgave Roland Laurent for not returning to Sugar Creek. But now he's back in town, and just as good looking as ever. But her pride won't let her explain what happened half a century ago. How can she watch Coco and Preston's relationship fail after the generations of bad blood between their families?

And don't forget the Sugar Mamas. Can women of a certain age wear tiaras and help the community? YOU BET! This band of close-knit friends help Coco and Deb find their true loves even after many years.


The White Christmas Lie Reviews


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